Monday, October 26, 2009

Blink.. Rest In Peace

Today was a sad day... I had to let my cat Blink go. She wasn't eating, wasn't drinking... her kidneys were just too far gone.. she was the best cat ever. My best friend.. she was 14 years old. I love you Blink.. ;_;

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Times

Blink's not getting any better.. she's actually getting worse. She won't drink. She spits out the food I try to feed her. I've been giving her Subcutaneous fluids to keep her hydrated enough to make it to the vet.. crap...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Week Sucked..

So, last week, my cat almost died. (This was posted elsewhere on Oct. 16th 2009)

Here's the story. Blink's been getting these lumps on her skin for a while, couple months ago I guess. Some she was licking to the point of bleeding and stuff. I took her to the vet to figure it out, he checked for cancer, and she was clear, but it was something called Sterile Pyogranuloma Syndrome, which is treatable with steroid shots. But last week, she stopped eating, and was drinking and peeing A LOT and getting super thin.

Then last weekend, i noticed she was having a hard time drinking, like she would stick her face in her bowl, but wasn't drinking, then she was having a hard time even walking around, she was all wobbly, and if she tried to jump off stuff, like the couch, she would fall over.

Of course, the vet's closed on sundays, so I took her monday morning. Well, the vet checked her out, and told me that she was severely dehydrated to the point where i might have to put her to sleep.. of course, I was freaked out.. but told the vet I couldn't do that without a fight and to do what he can. I mean, i've had her since '95. She's like my kid..

So I skipped work and was sweatin' it all day, but by the end of the day, she was getting better, and the doc said she's gonna pull through! He said he did some tests and found out that because of the steroid medicine, she is now a diabetic! Good news and bad news at once.. good because she's alive, bad because now she's got diabetes and needs shots twice a day.

So that's about it.. she's been at the vet since Monday morning. Five days and four nights later, she's home! If i'd waited any longer, she probably would've been a goner... my bank account is pretty damaged right now, but it's worth every penny.

Huge Thanks to Dr. Martin of Parkview Pet Clinic in Glendale.. the best vet ever.


So that's the story of Blink. Things are going ok, it's been a few days, but she's still not eating on her own. I have to force food into her mouth and make her swallow. She's keeping it down though, and drinking. She doesn't seem to mind her insulin shots, but she worries me. Today she was hiding from me when I got home. I think because of the force feeding.. dunno..