Friday, July 30, 2010

Rode In An Ambulance Today

Luckily it wasn't a bike accident, but it was bike related.

Basically around 11:30-ish, sitting at my desk at work, I felt dizzy, clammy skin, weak legs, little tingling in my left hand.. same symptoms as a heart attack/stroke, and heart problems run in my family, so i freaked out and probably got a panic attack from that... felt like i was gonna pass out.

The boss called 911 and the ambulance came. EMTs did some tests and my blood pressure was through the roof, blood sugar was low, around 50ish. (normal is 80-100). I told them about my bike ride to work (13 miles) they asked if I ate breakfast, apparently they don't think a muffin is enough.. So they gave me some sugary stuff in a tube, then took me to the ER, where I saw the doc (who was super cute btw). She made me eat a ham sandwich and some apple juice. As i laid around, my blood pressure and blood sugar went back to normal. They did an ekg test for my heart while i was there, said it was good... must be the bike.

So basically it was dehydration and not enough food for the amount I ride. I had only eaten a muffin and drank most, not all, of my water bottle during the ride, then followed that by a large coffee.. My body just reached its limit I guess. I just need to eat and drink more when I ride to make up for the energy burned.. just glad it was nothing big..thought i was a goner.

Bonus is the doc said i'm fine to ride home.. just have to eat when I get there. :)