Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ma.K AFS II 11.15.10

I added some joint covers with 'green stuff' putty.  Next thing i'm planning to do is rebuild the hand.  The old Nitto hand sucks compared to the recent Wave version. (Nitto = old manufacturer, Wave = current btw)  Plus the hand on mine is broken anyway.. I'm also still deciding on the setting, and if I want to put a pilot head inside the suit or leave it empty.. decisions, decisions..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Next Up! Ma.K AFS MkII with female mechanic.

I got a few Ma.K, or Maschinen Krieger, kits from someone that were partially assembled, or broken, or just scraps for free.  I don't remember who it was.. but the one that's most complete is this AFS MkII suit.  AFS stands for Armored Fighting Suit btw...

Check this link for more info:

So, I bought this female mechanic, from the company Brick Works.  She's made specifically for the Ma.K universe, I think she's on the Mercenary side (good guys I think).  It's a nice sculpt, and I can't wait to paint her, but she needed something to go along with her, and what's better than a mech suit?!  (Answer = not much)  Enter the AFS MkII.  Since it was built already.. mostly anyway, and then some pieces lost or broken, it's going to need some work.  It's missing the pilot's head, but not a big deal since i'll probably just make it an empty suit anyway.  Like I mentioned before, most of it's there, so it shouldn't be difficult to get it up to specs.

I still have to figure out a layout for the base/vignette, but in the meantime, here are a couple of in progress shots.

First up is the overall pic

These are some of the armor parts that I started putting texture on with some Mr. Surfacer 500 and the smashing up and down technique.  http://www.bhop73.com/models/texture_tut/smash.gif

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1/35 U.S. Tank Commander - Complete

I started this at one of the local model meets, maybe the Sept. meet.. dunno.. anyways, I was trying to get it done for Orangecon, but never did because I didn't want to rush it, so I took my time. I finally finished it today. Sadly this is the only model i've finished this year.. but I think i'm back in the mindset of model building now.

The base (cobblestone sidewalk) was made with green stuff putty. The leaves in the gutter were cut out of metal foil from a wine bottle. That's pretty much it.. painted with Vallejo acrylics.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back Into Modeling

Scale modeling that is.. Building scale models used to be a big hobby of mine, before I got my bicycles and increased my camera collection.

A couple years ago, I seemed to lose interest, well, maybe not lost interest, but just didn't have the motivation to build stuff. I still bought a few kits to add to my pile, and I did build a couple things within the past 2 years, but not much, a figure of Cammy from Street Fighter, a Tie Fighter from Star Wars... that might be it, I can't remember...

Well, it seems i've finally got my motivation back. Maybe it's the cooler weather. Anyways, a few posts down is the Tiger tank I was building, but i'm putting that on hold for a while. I'm almost finished with this U.S. tank commander, from Alpine models. 1/35 scale. I plan to make a gallery page for my models with a link on the sidebar, but I have yet to get started on it. In the meantime, i'll try to update this blog with my progress. After this figure is done, I have some other stuff I plan to start on.. I actually have already, but i'll get into that later.