Saturday, July 12, 2008

My New Ride

So, a couple months ago, I started commuting a couple times a week to work on my bike. (13 miles one way) My previous bike is a Huffy Ironman mountain bike. One reason was I just got sick of LA traffic. It actually only takes an extra 15 minutes to get there when I ride compared to driving, because of shitty traffic, although, I don't really drive anymore either. On the days I don't bike, I ride the bus, but that'd be another story....

Anyways.. I enjoyed riding, and the feeling of arriving at work after the ride, so much that I decided I wanted a new bike that was better built for the road than my old mountain bike. After deciding the type and testing a few different brands and models, I decided to go with the Jamis Aurora you see above. I got it from Hollywood Pro Bicycles, a small shop right on the Hollywood walk of fame. So far my dealings with them have been great, they've been pretty helpful to any questions I have and since it's new, it's got a year of free maintenance at the shop.

As you can probably imagine, going from a mtb to this road bike (touring bike technically) is like trading in an SUV for a sports car. (maybe not a Ferrari type sports car, more of a 350z :D ). Today I took it for a spin (and probably will go for a small night ride in a bit) and the bike is great. I'm so glad I got it.


re-cycle said...

Jamis has some sexy paint jobs. It's a handsome looking frame. Enjoy it. There's nothing quite like a road bike.

Nicola said...

Awesome ride!