Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drivers don't just hate cyclists, they hate each other..

So yesterday, i'm riding my bike home from work. Four way stop sign, a truck is stopping and a car behind it moves over to the right of the truck. (nearly cutting me off in the process). The car had their right turn signal on so it looked like they were going to turn right, but floored it and went straight anyway, cutting off the truck and causing it to brake to avoid hitting the car.

Then the truck floored it and stuck on the car's ass and when the car stopped at the next block (lots of four way stops on this section) the truck just kept going around it without stopping. Where are cops when this kind of stuff happens?

So I see them down the road, at the next four way stop. (third one) The truck is stopped with the car stopped behind.. nobody's coming, the truck doesn't move. Still nobody coming, still the truck doesn't move. Eventually they tire of their "game", the truck turns and the car goes straight.

What's really funny about it, is that they were in such a hurry, wasting so much gas, breaking traffic laws, etc. and I, on a bike, pretty much caught up with them.

What a world..

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Doohickie said...

I live at a 4-Way Stop intersection. I've seen this kind of behavior.

I used to feel the urge to go out and enforce the law, but if I really got someone angry they would know where I live, so I try to restrain myself.

They do park a cop on my street once in a while and write all the tickets they want.