Thursday, November 11, 2010

Next Up! Ma.K AFS MkII with female mechanic.

I got a few Ma.K, or Maschinen Krieger, kits from someone that were partially assembled, or broken, or just scraps for free.  I don't remember who it was.. but the one that's most complete is this AFS MkII suit.  AFS stands for Armored Fighting Suit btw...

Check this link for more info:

So, I bought this female mechanic, from the company Brick Works.  She's made specifically for the Ma.K universe, I think she's on the Mercenary side (good guys I think).  It's a nice sculpt, and I can't wait to paint her, but she needed something to go along with her, and what's better than a mech suit?!  (Answer = not much)  Enter the AFS MkII.  Since it was built already.. mostly anyway, and then some pieces lost or broken, it's going to need some work.  It's missing the pilot's head, but not a big deal since i'll probably just make it an empty suit anyway.  Like I mentioned before, most of it's there, so it shouldn't be difficult to get it up to specs.

I still have to figure out a layout for the base/vignette, but in the meantime, here are a couple of in progress shots.

First up is the overall pic

These are some of the armor parts that I started putting texture on with some Mr. Surfacer 500 and the smashing up and down technique.

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