Sunday, July 31, 2011

1/16 Panzer III L - continued 7-31-11

Just a small update, but it's something..

First is the headlights.  I added some plastic to the top and bottom leaving the slit in the middle.  I can't figure out what you call this type of light, but it seems to be used on all german vehicles in combat, while factory pics all seem to have 'regular' lights.

I built the inner frame for the intake vents out of styrene sheets.  It looks a little messy, but when the PE grills are on, and painted/weathered it should look fine.

 and last for now, I scribed some "wood grain" into the jack block.  Again, it looks a little goofy now, but after paint/weathering it should be good.


anzac said...

Nice handyman workmanship on those front headlights (Black Out)

Anonymous said...

Did a great job on the head lights. They are called Notek lights.

Keep up the good work!!!