Saturday, March 19, 2011

1/48 Tiger S33 - Complete!

So, here are the final pics of my Tiger.  It was a fun build, but I had some issues.  The WWII productions resin tracks for example.  They snapped together easily, but when it came time for paint, they kept falling apart and driving me insane!   The Eduard photoetch makes the kit look awesome, but again, it drives me insane!  I lost quite a few pieces and had to scratch build a lot of things.. it sucks.. but once you go photo-etch, it's hard to 'not' use them after.

Anyways, enjoy, and note in the last pic, my new silver medal that I got at the SCAHMS show today!

(click the pics for a bigger view)

Oh.. and my Tank Commander got a bronze!  Woot!

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