Sunday, March 20, 2011

Verthandi - Burning Ice

I bought this awhile back.  It's a 54mm fantasy figure from Andrea miniatures.  I'm working on this now because I just want to paint a figure and not deal with building/detailing.  Plus after the SCAHMS show, i'm in a figure kinda mood..

Here's the box.

So, first off, she's made of soft metal.  First steps were to clean up the mold lines, which I did.  The metal is soft, so it's basically the same as a plastic kit.  After that is a test fit followed by parts pinning.  Basically drill holes and stick the parts together with a piece of wire.   During the test fit, I noticed there's a huge gap in the back of her cape.  I wish i'd taken 'before/after' pics, but you only get an after.  As you can see in the pic, there's no more gap.  What I did was use a little 'green stuff' putty to fill the gap and resculpt a little detail on it.

Here's the figure primed, and below that is the first layer of paint.  She's gonna be a white chick, but i'm starting with a dark base layer for the skin.  This is actually different than my usual figure painting, where I would paint a medium tone and add highlights and darks, but this technique is something artists use for painting on canvas, so I thought i'd give it a try.

That's it for today.

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